After “the best ride of her life,” a 1,500 bicycle ride down the west coast of the United States, Lindsey fell in love with cycling and decided to pursue a degree in physical fitness, earning her B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science. While her competitive nature drives her desire to be a better athlete, team camaraderie and ability to create connections and inspire a healthy lifestyle is what fulfills her. Join Lindsey for a class and you can expect a tough ride mimicking an outdoor challenge with some motivation, humor and positivity sprinkled in. Her favorite musical artists include Lil Wayne, Macklemore, Stevie Wonder, and Florence and the Machine.  Lindsey spends her time outside the studio working as a marketing guru and enjoys traveling, volunteering, vegetarian cooking, camping, and being a part of community events.


Lexie was born and raised in San Diego, Califonia. She grew up playing different sports becoming a three-sport athlete in High School. From there, she attended the University of Oregon. In 2015, her sophomore year of college she worked with her cycling mentor and became an ACE certified instructor and has been teaching ever since! Along with teaching spin, Lexie became a member of the Olympic Weightlifting Club Team which started her love for lifting. In addition to cycling, Lexie teaches high school and is pursuing a Masters in Education.


Stephanie grew up as a gymnast, competitive cheerleader and cheer coach. Three years ago she walked into Xplicit Fitness looking for a fitness challenge after her son told her she was chubby. A friend encouraged Stephanie to try the cycling studio upstairs, in addition to the strength training she was doing. Half way through the class, Stephanie fell in love with the workout! She had never worked this hard or sweat so much. After the class, the instructor announced that Implicit was looking for new instructors. Steph knew right away that it was a perfect fit. Steph’s combination of motivation and hard work makes for an upbeat cycling environment.

“I get excited when I have a new class I choreographed for everyone. I love coaching and cheering everyone through their workouts. The energy I get from watching everybody push to their full potential is unreal! I truly feel blessed being apart of such an amazing fitness family.”
– Stephanie


Chris has been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer for the past 11 years. He has been a certified Indoor Cycling Instructor for as long as he has been a personal trainer. Chris is also a seasoned Matrix Master Trainer and educator which has taken him around the globe to train and mentor instructors with the CBC training program and technology. He has a long resume of athleticism including, but not limited to, racing both mountain and road bikes for 5 years. After personal training in Chicago and Hawaii, Chris partnered up with Chad Yarvitz of Xplicit Fitness to open Implicit Cycling in 2016.


Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, Jessica brings her high energy and passion for music and movement to Implicit Cycling for an inspiring class! Her experience as a coach and trainer makes an incredible difference in the workout and how it challenges you. As a music-head, she always curates dope, memorable playlists and motivational fitness parties. Come ready to sweat, smile, laugh, and discover your best self!


Andi’s love and enthusiasm for fitness and a healthy lifestyle will draw you in and keep you coming back. Her classes offer upbeat and relevant music, motivational instruction, and of course, lots of fun! She likes to challenge her riders to push themselves to reach their full potential, and she enjoys watching them get stronger as a result of their hard work. Andi is a professor of Health and Exercise Science at San Diego City College and has worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years. She is an ACSM and NCSF Certified Personal Trainer and Schwinn certified spin instructor. Andi fell in love with Implicit Cycling when she was a member and has now joined the teaching staff.