What To Expect

Accountability Cycling, the “AC” in our class titles, is the cornerstone of all cycling classes at Implicit. Our classes use color coded training zones on bikes that measure ALL the work you do. In order to achieve the zone, you gotta do the work. Accountability. Through this system you have the opportunity to increase your lean muscle, increase your cardiovascular endurance and fire up your metabolism. Each 45 min class promises to excite and challenge you through the use of music, tempo, ride position and above all, instructor encouragement.

Morning Accountability Cycling. (MAC). Start your day off with this challenging ride that promises to get your heart rate up and your metabolism rockin! This class has a slightly longer warm up since it’s first thing in the morning but once it gets going you can expect to sweat and burn. This 45 min class is great for beginners and advanced cyclists alike.

Accountability Cycling Evening (ACE) The morning is gone and the work day done. This ride will be the perfect way to finish up your day, relieve stress and condition your body.  Look to be challenged in a fun way with high energy instruction and music.  These classes are good for all levels of rider regardless of experience or fitness level.

Sprint 8.  Simple yet incredibly effective.  The Sprint 8 class is designed to build lean muscle, increase your VO2 Max and boost your metabolism.  These classes are only 30 minutes long and if you are not ready to work hard then this class is not for you.   The class consists of 8 Maximum effort intervals followed by a brief rest period.  We don’t allow this for your first class because you need to have some familiarity with our bikes but once you do, get ready to be blown away.  Studies have shown that high intensity intervals are more effective at burning fat and boosting metabolism than moderate effort steady state.  If you are looking to get leaner and stronger, then you have found your path.














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10 Classes – Expires in 60 days
20 Classes – Expires in 90 days
Monthly classes bill monthly – 90 day written notice to cancel
6 Month bills monthly 30 day written notice to cancel after 6 months agreement is complete
12 Month bills monthly 30 day written notice to cancel after 12 months agreement is complete


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