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We are open to creating new class times if there is a demand!  Grab some friends, click on the membership page and make your request.  If we have 4 members demanding a ride time we will try to make it happen… but we are gonna hold you accountable and make sure you’re coming to ride!

Our Bikes

We are tired of guessing how hard you worked. We are tired of only estimating the number of calories you burned. Those days are gone because you deserve better as a fitness participant. You deserve to know exactly how far you rode; exactly how many calories were burned; exactly how much work you did.

Meet the IC7. This bike takes a direct measurement of the work you do while you are doing it. It measures everything you do with 99.5% accuracy (independently tested) so that there is no guess-timation about how hard you worked. There is no more rating your ride by how you feel. All aspects of your workout are measured accurately and immediately and they are instantly sent to your mobile device when the workout is complete. This bike drips accountability (and sweat) and so shall you.

With this bike we take you out of your comfort zone to deliver 100% accountability and deliver you the results that you want.

FTP – Accountability Starts Here

FTP is the cornerstone of Accountability cycling. In a nutshell, it’s number that tells you how many watts you can maintain if you rode at an ALL-OUT effort for 60 minutes. This number gives us the boundaries for each of our work zones. Now we have accountability. Now we can deliver results. Your FTP number is fluid. It increases as you get more fit. It decreases when you only passively workout. We want that number to consistently go up.

We can test you to see where you are at and we HIGHLY recommend it.  The bike does a great job of estimating it based on some key information you put into it but to get the most and have the most accurate and accountable workout – TEST IT.  Testing is done by appointment only, so email us to set up the testing.  We are happy to test non-members as well for a small fee.  Email us: implicitcycling@gmail.com

Complimentary FTP Testing

Our bikes help our riders come up with a pretty accurate estimate of their FTP, but as fitness professionals, we recognize the need for actual fitness tests to establish a base as well as mark progress. We offer complimentary FTP testing for our members by appointment. The test will allow them to more precisely track their progress and ensure that each workout remains a personal training session instead of just plain old group exercise.