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Our Bikes

Implicit uses state of the art bikes called IC7’s that give the rider immediate feedback and accountability using a built-in power meter and zone training. The power meter is used to measure the riders Watt output and let the rider know exactly how much work they are doing. The bike can also sync up with a free app to record all of the rider’s setting as well as give them a report of each workout. No more guessing about how impactful a workout was. Each rider will have their data for their ride.

Our bikes let the rider know when they are or are not doing enough work by using color coded zones. The colors are easy to follow and hold the rider and the class accountable. Our philosophy is that accountability equals results. Our bikes allow our instructors to take the class out of their comfort zone and hold the riders accountable for their work in order to produce maximum fitness results.

FTP – What is it?

FTP stands for Functional Threshold Power. To the rider, this represents the amount of work (in Watts) that they could SUSTAIN while riding at a MAXIMUM effort for 60 mins. Sustain is the key word in this definition. Anyone can go to a max effort on a bicycle for 7 to 15 seconds and produce a really large number of Watts. That’s not what we are into. We want to know what is the maximum level of effort that a rider could sustain for 60 minutes. What power output could you give everything you had to give for 60 minutes instead of 7 to 15 seconds. It would definitely be lower but the awesome thing is that it’s something we can work with.

Working with FTP in cycling is like defining a weight lifting program not around the Max Weight that someone could lift, but rather building a workout around 75% of their Max Weight. This offers more the individual a chance to get stronger on multiple levels and builds muscle endurance at the same time. This is our approach to cycling. Zone training using FTP allows Implicit to make our riders stronger and have greater endurance by holding them accountable using zones that directly relate to the individual’s FTP number.

Complimentary FTP Testing

Our bikes help our riders come up with a pretty accurate estimate of their FTP, but as fitness professionals, we recognize the need for actual fitness tests to establish a base as well as mark progress. We offer complimentary FTP testing for our members by appointment. The test will allow them to more precisely track their progress and ensure that each workout remains a personal training session instead of just plain old group exercise.